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How e-Pramaan Auth Works?

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e-Pramaan Auth in Action

e-Pramaan provides a self registration to Service Providers/ Departments through a e-Pramaan department portal. Departments can create the account using this facility.

Once the department account gets created and activated at e-Pramaan, department can Add/Delete/Modify its services. During Service Registration, department will be provided with the option to choose any combination of authentication factors which the department finds suitable for the service. Department may select different authentication combinations for different services.

Benefits of Partnership

You can provide the best user experience to your users with our digital platform.
Users can keep their important documents secure with e-Pramaan.

Easy Availability

User can seamlessly use multiple govt applications

Standardized Registration

User need not submit different information for different service

Multifactor Authentication

Authentication To provide greater level of Security and Privacy

Common Public Dashboard

Single page to obtain information about applications onboarded

Frequently Asked Questions

MeriPehchaan, a Single Sign-On platform authenticates citizens easily and securely. It is an extensive collaboration of the three mainstream SSO platforms Jan Parichay, e-Pramaan, and e-Pramaan. MeriPehchaan authenticates the user based on multiple authentication parameters like username, mobile number, Aadhaar, PAN, etc.
Single Sign-On is a centralized session and user authentication service in which a set of login credentials can be used to access multiple applications during the same session. The service helps in providing a seamless user experience by eliminating the need of proving the user identity to different applications.
The basic objective of MeriPehchaan is to eliminate individual & repetitive sign-on procedures by centralizing user authentication and identity management at a central identity provider. It increases user productivity on a national level as its intuitive interface allows better user mobility and provides seamless access to multiple services and applications by authenticating just once.
MeriPehchaan is a collaboration of 3 national level SSO, so a user may register on any of the three mainstream SSO platforms. The citizen may register by providing a Mobile number, Name, and Gender to create credentials i.e. username and password. User may also perform eKYC using Aadhaar and PAN.
Yes, it’s completely safe as SSOs under MeriPehchaan take care of Aadhaar data and keep Aadhaar details in the Aadhaar vault as per the guidelines of the Aadhaar Act.
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